Matt Walsh on the true problem with today's Christians

Matt Walsh

Moral cowardice is the disease infecting our churches. We are not the first Christian cowards to ever live, but I think we may represent the highest concentration of them. Has there ever been a society plagued with so many Christians so unwilling to defend even the most basic teachings of their faith? Has any group of Christians ever abandoned so many of their doctrines so easily? Has any Christian society ever cowered so completely under so facile a threat?

The whole article is great and I think that Matt really touches on something here. While many Christians are happy to point to the ills of society and blaming them for our downfall, we often fail to look in the mirror at just how much we tolerate ourselves. What would the Puritans say if they were to experience what today’s Christians accept as “normal?” I think they’d be appalled.

We should be too.